We attentively observe the evolution of the tools used to evaluate science and research in Poland and we optimize our publishing offer due to the requirements and efficient paths of international scientific career. Our actions in this field meet the strategy 'to feed ORCID'. We will inform you about all developments in our publishing offer.
I would like to inform you that there a possibility presented itself to publish a part of the post-conference papers in a special edition of well-known journal of

                                             Operations Research and Decisions (40 pkt)

All those interested in this form of publication are asked to enclose that information in the registration form.

From Mathematics MZBO got the offer to publish a special edition of post-conference materials. In that case, on our side, the situation is more complicated, and I suggest that the final decision is taken during MZBO conference by the assembly of participants.
We still strive for a special edition of post-conference papers in Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics.